'Wellness Clothing'

-A new paradigm from the ancient!

Many hundreds of years ago before the advent of industrialization, clothing was dyed using fully natural means in complete harmony with the environment in different parts of the world. In India, dyeing the yarn and weaving it into fabric was done by the same community, quite possibly with the knowledge of the same craftsman- the weaver. With the adoption of chemical dyeing and mechanization these functions were separated and the art and tradition of dyeing fabrics fully naturally got buried in time.

The ancient Indian texts of the Vedas point to the use of clothing not just for protection but also for Health and Wellness.Clothing was seen as part of a health promoting lifestyle and was not seen as something being separate from nature. In the 5000 year old medicine system of Ayurveda, the use of clothing dyed with medicinal plants and herbs existed as part of a protocol of surrounding the patient in a healing environment.

Skin being the largest organ in the human body is used as a gateway in Ayurveda to infuse the wellness qualities of plants and herbs. Vastra represents the revival of this concept and the return to fully(end-to-end) natural dyeing practices thus representing a new paradigm that we're calling 'Wellness Clothing'.

Since 1992, our dyeing team in Kerala,India, has been refining a proprietary fully natural dyeing technique using only plants and herbs from Ayurveda ,and developing it further ; bringing together art, science, and tradition to make it robust enough and colorfast for modern use. This technique uses concoctions from Ayurveda (kashayas) for dyeing the fabric and the color of the fabric is gained from the preparation only and no other colorants or chemicals are used at any stage. Presently, we're the only producers of clothing using such a fully natural concept but we hope to encourage inspire others to develop their own similar techniques towards creating 'Wellness Clothing'.

The term 'Ayurvastra' was coined to aptly describe this concept during the clinical studies conducted on our clothing at the Government College of Ayurveda in Trivandrum, Kerala. 'Ayur' in Sanskrit translates to 'life', 'health' and/or 'longevity' and Vastra translates to 'clothing'; thus Ayurvastra™ means 'clothing for 'life/health/longevity'.


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