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Herbal Remedies- Crowdfunding for the Vastra Yoga mat ..


Vastra Bedsheets featured in Natural Health magazine

Reuniting Two Ancient Sciences through the Mat: Yoga On and Off the Mat

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sleeping peacefully on a wonderful set of organic Ayurvedic sheets made by Vastra..Read More>>>

Dyeing Fabric with Medicinal Ayurvedic Plants ~ American Botanical Council

Due to its fertile soil and temperate climate, the southernmost Indian state of Kerala is known as a hub for medicinal plants used in the traditional medicine system of Ayurveda. But other than a few tourist destinations, Sri Narayan has seen..Read More>>>

Wear Your Herbs: Yoga Off the Mat

It’s common knowledge that consuming certain botanicals can have healing powers. Did you know, however, that simply surrounding ourselves..Read More>>


Ayurvedic Sheets by Vastra- review by Elephant Journal

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Thread of Hope

Never mind applying creams and lotions—if you could relieve a skin ailment simply by the kind of clothes you wear, or the bed linen you use, wouldn't you?
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India's 'healing' herb-dyed cloth

Cloth infused with the herbs of traditional Indian medicine is becoming increasingly popular as the country's stressed urban workers seek cures for conditions such as insomnia and eczema.
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The Times of India

'Ayurvedic' burqas a rage in Saudi Arabia

Age-old Hindu wisdom is now dressing up women in Islamic Saudi Arabia. Burqas made the Ayurvedic way are the latest export from Balaramapuram, a tiny village on the city outskirts made famous by its handloom weavers whose struggle for survival has led to rediscovery of the ancient art of weaving organic clothes.
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Experiments on Ayurvastra begins

Ayurvastra is a new initiative launched by the Directorate of Handloom, Department of Industries and Commerce and the Department of Dravyaguna Vijnan, Government Ayurveda College, aimed at creating a niche for the eco-friendly handloom fabric.
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Cashing in on Old Wisdom

India's traditional weavers, heirs to a 2,000-year-old textile industry, are turning to the ancient practice of ayurvedic medicine to make their products more appealing and boost sales.
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Cool look and feel

The eight-day exposition has cottons from all over India showcased in various forms... Natural dyed garments of AyurvastraTM from Kerala are said to cure ailments like rheumatism and heat rashes.
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