Clothing was used to convey the health qualities of plants and herbs Ayurveda since ancient times. The ancient physician Charaka used this method whereby an environment is created around the patient with clothing , bedding, wall coverings etc all treated with medicinal ayurvedic herbs/plants specific to the health condition. Besides disease treatment, this concept of using clothing dyed with such plants was also used as for tonifying/wellness benefits. Thus clothing dyed with turmeric, for instance, was used to enhance skin beauty and radiance , detoxification and rejuvenation . Likewise Tulsi was used to offer stress-relief, enhance sleep and immunity.

In ayurveda the skin is used as a gateway for delivering medicines , and medicated oils are massaged and infused into the body for treating many health conditions and well as for tonifying/wellness benefits. Vastra clothing creates an encapsulation or micro-environment of medicinal herbs and sustains it around the skin as long as one is wearing it as apparel or using it as clothing or bedding, and just like the skin absorbs toxins that it comes in touch with , it also acts as a conduit for the beneficial effects of plants and herbs used in the dye*.

Each dye or color represents a pre-dominant plant or herb used along with the synergy of over 20 others. The roots, flowers, leaves, seeds and barks of around 200 herbs are used to make the dyes.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.



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