Vastra products use:

  • 100 % certified organic fabrics
  • 100% organic dyeing process
  • Above Fair-Trade practices

In the natural clothing market  today, varying amounts of chemicals are still used  in the dyeing process(low-impact chemical dyes) even though the fabric maybe 100% organic.At Vastra we not only use certified organic fabrics, but also dye them organically.

At Vastra, we believe that what's healthy for you has to be healthy for the planet also. We procure cotton from organic farmers who follow sustainable practices. Most of the plants and herbs we use are harvested by  tribals who live in the local protected forests in Kerala, in a sustainable manner , and the rest are from organically grown sources.

Our  entire dyeing process is fully manual and we plan to keep it that way by providing employment to more people as we grow. This process is also fully organic. It does not pollute the environment like synthetic dye. And the waste is used as bio manure and also to generate bio gas.Our Handloom products such as our Yoga mat are crafted by a cooperative weaving society creating opportunities for a declining hand weavingtradition.

We also aim to encourage cultivation and conservation of medicinal plant biodiversity.





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