About Vastra

Vastra represents a new paradigm in wellness, based on an ancient tradition. We're reviving the practice of  using natural fibers dyed with medicinal plants and herbs as part of a health-promoting lifestyle, rooted in Ayurveda , the 5000 year old Indian system for health.

Vastra is an ancient word from Sanskrit that translates to 'clothing' or fabric', and in the context of the modern world it stands for clothing that is pure, natural and that promotes life, health and longevity.*


Through the concept of  'wellness clothing', we aspire to not only help promote wellness of the individual body, mind and spirit, but also the planet at large through practices that are fully natural and sustainable.

Our Story

The Vastra project is an intersection of different dreams, spanning the East and the West, with a common vision. A series of synchronistic events brought the Vastra team together, bonded by a passion for health, nature and sustainability. Over a year of heart-based conversations, we forged new friendships and aligned our dreams, giving birth to Vastra, and connecting Kerala, India, with North America. This is an evolving story, and we are committed to staying true to our mission and making the world our community.

Kerala and Ayurveda

Kerala, the southern tip of India, is a state known for its backwaters, beaches, artforms, hillstations and festivals.

Mentioned as one of the' 50 best places of a lifetime to visit' by the National Geographic magazine, the state also has come to be known as THE destination for Ayurveda.

Blessed with  a conducive  climate and  an abundance of plants and herbs used  in the Ayurvedic system of medicine, Kerala is also the first state to achieve 100% literacy in India. In the local language,Malayalam, the name of the state translates to ' land of coconuts'.


Ayurveda finds strong roots in Kerala and the Western Ghats that runs through the state is believed to host the most diverse flora used in Ayurveda.




*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.



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