• 100% Natural/Organic : Handwoven from 100% organic cotton & jute yarn that's dyed purely with health promoting plants & herbs
  • Health Conscious: Dyed based on Ayurveda ( the ancient Indian science for health and longevity)  predominantly with Turmeric,Tulsi & Vetiver
  • Designed, Woven & Tested for:
  • Grip on the floor (uniquely woven with tiny air pockets underneath the mat, and handbrushed with a  proprietary fully natural rubber solution )

Front(top) surface

                                           Back(bottom) surface                          Front(top) surface 

  • Grip on the surface ( a unique weave pattern of cotton &  jute fibers , together with ribs on the hands & feet area)     
  • Washable(see wash insructions under FAQ below)                                                  BUY NOW
  • Preshrunk                                                                                                                         
  • Great for travel(weighs 2lbs approx.)                                   
  • Foldable 
  • Fully plant-based and bio-degradeable 
  • Beyond- Fairtrade, like the rest of our creations
  • Size: 27" W x 72" H   

For wholesale enquiries, contact us at info@vastra.us            

Video(below): Making of the Vastra Yoga mat

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----------------------------------------Frequently Asked Questions--------------------------------------------------------------

Are the mats colorfast?

The colors do not wash off . We use the same process for dyeing all of our creations like, eye-pillows, apparel, bedsheets, towels etc.

Different fabrics/Yarn absorb the dye differently and hence result in different shades of the same color in different products. The dyeing is not essentially done for the coloring, but for the the beneficial qualities of the plants/herbs used. Instead of using color-fixers(chemical or natural), that denature the underlying plants and herbs in the dyeing concoction, we use a proprietary plant based process to ensure colorfastness that keeps the plants/herbs used in their non-denatured form)

The colors are UV sensitive, so they do fade when used in sunlight.

What are the plants/herbs used in the dyeing for the mat ?

The primary herbs are Turmeric, Tulsi, two of the most dominant ones in Ayurveda.

The yellow color of the mat from is from Turmeric and the Olive Green/Grey from Tulsi and Vetiver.

We use Ayurvedic concoctions for our dyeing, and in preparing each concoction, besides the main plant or herb there are over 20 others that act in synergy.

Is it washable?

Yes. Use only mild eco-friendly(natural) detergent and no bleach. Machine( tumble washers only) or Handwash(preferred). Hang/line dry.

How can it enhance my Yoga practice?

1) By virtue of being a 100% natural Yoga mat -there is NO toxicity/harm from chemicals/synthetics either through contact or through off-gassing -- for you, our planet or the people making the mat(our dyeing and weaving folks).

2) Our Yoga mats and other creations are based on the ancient concept of using natural fibers dyed with medicinal plants and herbs, as part of a health promoting lifestyle.

In the ancient texts of Ayurveda, the 5000 year old Indian system for health and longevity, surrounding oneself  with clothing and other material dyed with medicinal plants and herbs is mentioned for healing.

Also, in the Vedic/Ayurvedic tradition( just like in other traditional medicine systems), a plant or herb is seen also as an energy, the presence of which could convey beneficial health/wellness qualities.

So, our intention is not only to bring 'truly' and fully natural creations , but also the energy of plants and herbs, and thereby the science of Ayurveda , into the modern Yoga practice.

What went behind the design?

Yoga and Ayurveda being sister sciences, we are inspired to bring Ayurveda into the modern yoga practice starting with the Yoga mat. With the input/feedback from active yoga practioners, we went back to the drawing board several times revising the weave pattern/design to enhance functionality. After many iterations of sample development, we're excited to have come to a  design that provides the most grip(surface & on the floor) and is patent-worthy!!

How it is made?

We start with 100% organic cotton yarn. The yarn is dyed using our proprietary dyeing process that is mostly manual(except for grinding some of the herbs/plants used). The dye is prepared as a concoction used in Ayurveda(the 5000 year-old Indian system for health and longevity) using predominantly plants/herbs like Turmeric and Tulsi(Holy Basil)  along with many others. The dyed yarn is then woven using a design that is meant to provide grip on the surface as well as on the floor. Finally, the woven mat is hand-brushed with a natural rubber solution on the back to enhance floor grip even further.


"The Vastra mat offers an extraordinarily natural feel that amplifies the experience of well being that your practice generates. It's aesthetically beautiful, it's super convenient for the traveling yogi, and it's the only mat I've used that gets stickier as it moistens during a vigorous practice. The Vastra yoga mat is a joy to practice on." ��

Hari Kirtana Das�- Yoga Teacher & Kirtan Leader, Washington DC �


"I was very happy to find the Vastra yoga mat dyed only with herbs. Thank you Vastra for a wonderful, light, thin yoga mat that is perfect for my ashtanga practice. I feel good knowing that as I breathe and move and sweat I am absorbing medicinal herbs that will further enhance the benefits of my yoga practice."

Bobbi Misiti


Owner, BeFit Body & Mind Yoga



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