Handloom BedSheets

Handloomed Bedsheets(and fabrics) have a unique feel to them that cannot be compared to their power-loomed counterparts. We've enhanced this feel through the use of plants and herbs from Ayurveda in their non-denatured form (just like in the rest of our creations).

  • 100%  Organic cotton yarn dyed with plants like Turmeric, Tulsi, Vetiver etc
  • Handwoven by our team of cooperatives that by default follow above-fairtrade standards in Kerala, India
  • Currently in Vetiver(grey) and Turmeric(yellow) with attractive borders and tassles(optional)
  • No chemicals, color-fixers, enhancers or synthetic additives used in any stage of production
  • In addition to being handwoven, due to our manual and organic dyeing, these sheets(like our other handloom products)  carry the lowest carbon-footprint possible


Vetiver (shown below - Flat sheet,    available in King and Queen with pillow cases)

  • Yarn dyed predominantly with Vetiver and a host of other plants
  • Grey with a minimal yellow border(from Turmeric)  as shown
  • Available with or without tassles
  • Main ingredients: Cuscus /Khus-Khus grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides commonly known as Vetiver ),

  • Other key plants/ingredients: Noni ( Morinda Citrifolia) , Wild-Crafted Naregamia Alata, Pennisetum Spicatum, Wild-Crafted Phyllanthus, Emblica Linn & Sal (Shorea Robusta Gaertn)
  • Possible Wellness Benefits*: Sleep enhancement, Cooling for the body, blood purification



Turmeric (shown below - Flat sheet,

available in King and Queen with pillow cases)

  • Yarn dyed predominantly with Turmeric and a host of other plants
  • Yellow with olive-green border(from Tulsi)  as shown
  • Available with or without tassles
  • Main Ingredients: Wild-Crafted cosmetic turmeric, Wild-Crafted 'local' turmeric and Wild-Crafted skin turmeric & Wild-Crafted Coscnium fenestratum
  • Other key plants used: Wild-Crafted Accacia Instia wild, Albizia Odoratissima, Wild-Crafted Alnus nepalensis, Wild-Crafted Alodia Bengalensis & Amaranthus spinosus
  • Possible Wellness Benefits*: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant & anti-bacterial properties, skin beauty enhancement , protection against skin infections , detoxification & rejuvenation





*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

Stated 'possible wellness benefits' are based on the known properties of the plants and herbs used as ingredients, the known tradition in Ayurveda of using such clothing as part of a health-promoting lifestyle, and the two studies that were conducted on our clothing.


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